When you're ready to step through the ropes and test your mettle in the ring, you need great protective gear that can stand up to the test. We developed our Victoria Sparring Gear to give you the safety you need and the style you deserve!




Here they are! Sparring gloves every bit as great as our training gloves. These gloves feel nicely balanced and not clunky, as many 16 ouncers you’ve tried before. It’s going to feel like you have an extra edge over your opponent with these.

The Victoria 16s feature laces to give that extra level of support and stability for sparring contests.



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• Black/Red Genuine Leather
• Red/Blue Genuine Leather

– $72

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There is no exact system of measurement for fitting boxing gloves. A good fit is somewhat up to the wearer. We recommend measuring your hand, first from the tip of the middle finger to the base of your hand, then from front to back, across the knuckles.

If you're going to be making contact during your training you should ALWAYS wear hand wraps. Therefore if you’re trying on gloves be sure to wrap your hands or at least allow for some extra space.

Keep in mind that genuine leather gloves, just like shoes, will stretch somewhat over time, so a snug fit is not a bad thing. At the same time, a glove that is too tight can become uncomfortable during training and potentially cause unnecessary fatigue.


  1. It is a good idea to store your gloves in a way that they can air out to keep the exterior dry in between workouts.

  2. Clean the interior periodically with anti-bacterial wipes or gentle cleanser.

  3. Leather can crack over time so it is a good idea to treat gear with leather lotion or oil to preserve suppleness and extend its life.

  4. Your foam padding will begin to break down eventually so replace your protective gear as necessary. Exposure to heat and moisture can cause the padding to crumble so keep the gloves as dry as possible when not in use.


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"These gloves are great for hitting the bag and/or sparring. I use them for sparring! They are heavy like a 16oz by nice and small like a 10 or 12oz glove. Fits great and feels amazing!"

— Stacia Suttles - Bronx, NY

"Hands down (oh wait...it's boxing...hands up!) the best sparring gloves I have ever worn. Love the fit. They are a snug fit on my small hands and incredibly comfortable and lightweight. These didn't need a breaking in and were ready to go right out of the box.

After using unisex boxing gloves for years, I am absolutely in love with these gloves... the fit of the Victoria gloves is way more snug and doesn't leave my hands swimming inside the empty space of other gloves I have used. They are much more solid and smaller than the other sparring gloves (aka pillows) I have worn. They eliminated the 'bulk' of regular sparring gloves with this glove and I can get through my sparring partners guard better with these streamlined gloves.

The men at my gym have glove envy!"

— Angela H. - Delaware, Ohio

"I have been waiting a while to purchase a new pair of gloves and did a lot of research before doing so. For women we need the perfect fit and protection to perform like a champ! I was astonished by the fit, protection, and accuracy I have now! I also purchased a pair of Winnings and must say I use my Machina ALL the time!! I am in love with these gloves!!! #1 Glove for women"

— Angela B. - Oak Harbor, WA