Machina Women's Boxing

Machina ("muh-shee-nuh") is the first and only brand of boxing gear and workout apparel exclusively for women. We offer boxing gloves, hand wraps, workout clothing and accessories, designed specifically for women.


Too long have women had to make due with what was available - a pandering "ladies" version of a product that was developed with men in mind. We bring you Machina, tools for training - tough enough for a man, but made for a woman. 

— Shop for gloves, wraps, bags, etc - Training Gear or Sparring Gear

— Shop for workout clothing - Club Apparel or shop for Street Apparel

— If you're looking for competition clothing check out Ring Apparel (Soon)

  US Flat Rate - $8  /  Canada Flat Rate - $12  /  Orders outside of US/CAN please click here

  US Flat Rate - $8  /  Canada Flat Rate - $12  /  Orders outside of US/CAN please click here

French customers who wish to purchase Machina, you can now shop our exclusive distributor, L’Arene Boxe based in Paris.

Be sure to visit our blog site for all kinds of info and inspiration for female fighters, women warriors and all you beautiful boxers!

If you are an athlete or rep you can submit a listing on the Fuel blog to help find opponents or sparring partners. 

The Fuel site has a list of gyms that offer boxing, kickboxing, etc to women. Please submit your gym