It was the Summer of 2011 that we first discussed the idea of launching a brand dedicated exclusively to women who train to fight. The founding principle of Machina was that if we created a cool, thoughtful brand that celebrated, rather than pandered to, women we'd be the only one truly serving a passionate, dedicated niche. Many people couldn't get over the idea that we weren't also selling gear for men, but men didn't need another brand.

Machina Women's Boxing Gloves, Austin Saylor, Courtney Kammerer

These young and naive years have been eventful to say the least and it's been so great to watch our baby brand grow up! For every Hurrah! we had a hiccup, but ultimately we accomplished what we set out to do and we're happy to be where we are now and thrilled when we think about where we may go next.

Our ongoing goal, from a business perspective, is to continue growing our fan base. Your orders allow us to keep bringing out cool, inventive products, but it's your passion for punching that drives us creatively. Every note we receive that states how happy you are that a brand like Machina exists for women feels like landing a perfect punch!

Spread the word! Tell every woman warrior and female fighter to check out Machina. We're here for you and, with you, we're here to stay.

Thank you,
Austin Saylor & Courtney Kammerer, co-Founders

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We created Machina with the idea that women are just as passionate about their involvement in combat sports as men and therefore deserve a brand all their own.

Our mission is to maintain a powerful brand that helps and motivates women to do things that are beyond the pale. We love boxing and we are absolutely thrilled to be able to offer something special for women to help them do the things that they've been told a girl should not do.

“MACHINA” is a name that simply spoke to us. Machina is not a glorification of brutal violence, but instead a celebration of technique and conditioning. Hence, when you train to box you train to become a machine.

DIAMONDS are a girl’s best friend… a symbol of lasting devotion... a prize for a prizefight. Diamonds start as rough bits of compressed carbon, but once trimmed and polished they become truly magnificent.

DOUBLE X's are a symbol of battle... the struggle for superiority... and the all-important female XX chromosomes. Wear the Machina “XX” badge with pride as both a fighter and a woman.