The use of focus mitts in boxing training is ubiquitous. You can’t walk into a serious boxing gym without seeing some folks “hitting the pads.” Focus mitt training is a great way to develop quickness, practice combinations, and sharpen focus in a way that you cannot do working on a heavy bag.




These "Flawless" mitts are perfectly balanced and encourage proper hand and wrist position for catching punches. Ideal for practicing punching combinations and developing quickness.

Flawless Focus Mitts are a standard unisex fit in genuine leather. Aim for the Machina diamond!

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• Dark Red and Black Genuine Leather
• Yellow and Black Genuine Leather
• 7" Wide, 9" Tall
• 1.75" Thick Padding

– $67

Leather Color:
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"I've had these focus mitts for a few months now, and they're so beautifully durable! I have them in gold, which is very clearly gold and not yellow, though it's a nice warm gold. They have a nice curve to them for catching punches and feel super comfortable when on."

— Hannah F. - Chicago, IL

"These Mitts are the best in the business. They are comfortable, padded and stylish. Hey! That's important to us girls :) They are very supportive on the wrist and easy to take on and off. This is very important for the hands on trainer."

— Sarah Kuhn (Pro Boxer) - Albany, NY

"I'm absolutely in love with my new hand pads! Very good shock absorption, and they fit perfectly. Do I really need to say that they look great?)))"

— Valeriya B. - Vancouver, BC

"My trainer and I both love these mitts. We have other pads and mitts we could use, but these are the mitts I now use exclusively for boxing. I'm hopeful that Machina will eventually carry other pads (especially Thai pads) of this same quality. After several months of use these pads still look (and sound) brand new."

— Jackie Meader - San Diego, CA

"These are excellent. I was worried that they'd be too big, but they actually fit perfectly. They're super comfortable and a nice balanced weight for longer sessions."

— Teagan F. - Boston, MA

"My hands/wrists/arms never felt better, great shock absorption. EXCELLENT wrist coverage/protection for coaching newbies that need to work on aim. It doesn't hurt that there is a nice, big diamond to focus on as well!!!"

— Wanda B. - New York, NY

"Seriously the BEST focus mitts I've tried! I've used Title, Everlast, and a few other brands... This brand is the BEST! Fits women's hands perfect without slipping when your hands sweat. The wrist guard is also in the perfect spot. Even though they are still thick they are not as big and bulky as the ones I've used in the past, which is perfect for speed drills, but can still handle the shock of very strong men's punches!! My coach tried them on for a drill also and was extremely impressed and wants a pair as well! Also the customer service was awesome!"

— Sarah D. - FL