Machina is continually seeking opportunities to work with FEMALE athletes who exhibit certain qualities that may serve to increase the visibility and enhance the character of the Machina brand. If you're an amateur or professional female fighter with an active schedule you may be someone we would like to talk to.

Machina fighters are approachable and passionate with a strong work ethic. We especially like fighters with backstories. We love people who are involved in their communities and do things to actively grow their sport for women. Winning fights will get our attention, but being a person with a big heart and lots of character will get you sponsored.

Machina sponsored athletes are essentially our brand ambassadors and we look for them to recommend our gear to other women who train to fight. It is important to keep in mind that Machina is not yet a major corporation with deep pockets. Sponsorships currently take the form primarily of discounts, free gear and other benefits. As the company grows, the relationship could evolve.

Before proceeding please make sure you meet these requirements:

  1. I am a FEMALE athlete
  2. I am over the age of 18
  3. I have competed in at least 2 bouts
  4. I am a machine!