Hand wraps are worn to align and compact the bones and joints in the hand. They provide extra protection to the soft tissues of the hand during the impact of a punch in order to prevent injury.



Machina Women's Boxing Hand Wraps

Hand wraps are worn to align and compact the bones and joints in the hand. They provide extra protection to the soft tissues of the hand during the impact of a punch in order to prevent injury.

Machina hand wraps are 2˝ wide and come in 120" 150" or 180" lengths to accommodate every hand and wrist.

Machina wraps are made of ribbed cotton woven with slight elasticity to conform to your hand, knuckles and wrist. 

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• 120" 150" or 180" lengths
• Red, Black or Light Blue

– 120" wraps - $7
– 150" wraps - $8
– 180" wraps - $9

Wrap Size:
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Ideally, you should have an expert demonstrate how to wrap your hands properly, but you can find tons of videos online. Keep in mind, there are many methods of wrapping and no one way is perfect for everyone.

  1. Try to keep the wrap as smooth as possible, especially around the knuckles. No creases or wrinkles, please.

  2. Fingers should not be wrapped together; they need to move independently.

  3. Your wrapped hands should feel snug and compact, but not too tight or else it could affect your circulation.

  4. Your thumbs can be especially vulnerable so be sure to have them well secured.

  5. Wrists should be secured and supported, again, without being too tight. Don’t be afraid to go around an extra time or two, especially if your wrists are very slender or delicate.



Your Machina hand wraps should last you a good long time if you take care of them. Instead of respooling wraps after a workout, it's better to leave them loose and allow to air dry.

We like to toss them in the washing machine after every 2 or 3 uses, although you may be more (or less) of a germophobe. Use a mesh laundry bag to keep them from getting tangled with your other items. Wash as you would for cotton t-shirts, but please air dry your wraps to keep them in their best shape.


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"I know some people who think hand wraps are all the same... or overrated as far as being useful. Well those people have obviously not used Machina's wraps! The fabric is super soft. The colors are vibrant as well as unique. And they are extremely durable. I am a bit of a germaphobe so I wash my wraps every time they get sweaty... which is like every time I wear them! I have used other wraps in the past and they have fallen apart or become stretched out after multiple washes and uses. Not these! The colors don't fade and they maintain their softness and strength over and over again... These wraps really provide the support you need..."

— Megan Whorton - Russellville, AR

"Hands down, my favorite wraps ever. I have worn two major boxing brands as well as three or four MMA brands and I am so happy to have found these. They are thin with some slight give to them so you can really mold them to your hands, but they aren't so stretchy that you end up wrapping yourself too tightly."

— Melissa P.

"These were probably the best wraps I've used. They are softer and better than the other ones I've used from Everlast and Ringside. I love them and don't think on switching brands any time soon!"

— Rachel Rivera - Sioux Falls, SD

"I love these wraps! I bought them in red, 180 size and they are perfect. They don't feel as bulky as other brands that I have used previously which is a good thing. They stay put, I don't have to keep adjusting. I will definitely be purchasing more."

— Gail K. - Rockwood, ON, Canada

"Got it in black and red. Great quality! Finally can throw out my everlast wraps:)"

— Valerie B. - Vancouver, BC

"I really like the handwraps. They are different than the typical Everlast wraps that I use. When I originally saw them on the website I thought they were a little pricey. when I used them I realized they were softer and nicer than my other wraps."

— Nico B.  - Arlington, VA

— Sunshine F. (Muay Thai Instructor) - Tempe, AZ

— Kim Marie S. - Egg Harbor City, NJ

— Victoria C. - New York, NY

— Prairie R. (Owner, Muay Thai Gym) - Tom's River, NJ

"I purchased 3 red pairs in 180" Lovely hand wraps, nice material - too bad that the thumb loop of one of them was broken by the time I unrolled it. I hope the others will stand the test of time!"

— Capucine C. - London, UK

"I purchased the three-pack which included a set of red wraps. Washed in cold water they bleed and continue to bleed after several washings. They're also quite long."

(Name withheld)

— Crystal G.  - Los Angeles, CA